is Unveiled

After realizing the rapidity with which escalopter is exploding around the Internet, both as a term and as an activity, we took it upon ourselves to build a hub for all things escalopter.

Please enjoy the bit of fun we've put up for your viewing pleasure and if you have an escalopter video you'd like us to put on display, we'd be glad to have a look at it.

Maatc Interviewed on Jump Radio

German radio show Jump interviews Maatc about his video and the origin of the term escalopter. The site is in German, but you can read an English translation here. Escalopter has gone international.

Urban Dictionary Defines Escalopter

The new term has been officially embraced by perhaps the most popular online dictionary, Urban Dictionary. It was first coined at VideoSift. Shortly after being embraced by the community at large, a precise, succinct definition was penned by Choggie and added to the dictionary.

Unknown Girl Starts an Internet Sensation

A cute blonde girl in a shopping center of some sort started the new fun activity of propelling your body in circles like a helicopter using the handrails of adjacent escalators. It seems no one knows who this pioneer is, but she started a new phenomenon and there have been countless imitators who aspire to succeed as well as she.

Not only is she the originator of the stunt, but she is the master, keeping perfect form, using her rigid body to rotate several times before sticking a solid dismount. If you know who she is, do let us know so we can give her the credit she deserves.

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